how to update default applications on micromax mobile

Trick to Update Opera on Micromax Mobiles

how to update default applications on micromax mobile Micromax the indian mobile maker, started a new revolution with innovative feature rich low budget mobiles. Even i own micromax psych, best available feature packed touchscreen for its price. Everything looked fine untill i came across this little bug, which i later found out is common in almost all micromax mobiles, which is that you can’t update default java software like opera/nimbuzz/snaptu that come pre-installed on micromax. In this trick i’ll teach you how to cheat your micromax to bypass that ‘cannot update default game’ bug.

> Download latest version of application on your pc. For Opera click here

> Open this jar with WinRar (yep .jar is nothing but a compressed file). You can see a list of files when you do this. Look for Meta-INF>Metafest.MF. Open this file with notepad.

> Now look for the line that says something like MIDlet-Name: xxxx. Change it to something like MIDlet-Name: xxxx latest and save the file.

Bingo, you’re done. Now transfer this file to your mobile and open to enjoy updated versions of default java apps. Have Fun!!

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