simple trick to know password behind dots

Trick to See Password Behind the Dots

Note: This trick might not work in new browsers. Try New Working Trick to Read Password behind Dots

simple trick to know password behind dots

If you’re a wanna be hacker, i bet you’ve tried to copy pasted those password dots in notepad. But it’s not that easy, however you can crack any password using this trick in a tick. You can view any saved password or ever trick your friend (may be prank call him) before he hits the login button and view his typed password. Also read Trick to Save Passwords in Firefox

> First select and copy this whole code
> Now all we have to do is Bookmark this code in your browser. But first make your the bookmark bar is visible on your browser and is not hidden.

> For this on chrome, click on wrench icon, expand bookmark menu and click on show Bookmark bar. In case of firefox click on navigation menu and check bookmark bar.

> Open a new tab and paste the code in address bar and press enter. Now bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D.

That’s it you’re done. Open the page with asterisk/dots you have to read and click on the bookmark button above. Now you can observe a popup with the password behind dots revealed.

working password behind asterisk java code

9 thoughts on “Trick to See Password Behind the Dots

  1. Boss do you know the trick to convert windows login password to text…..provided without any third party software.. I think it can be achieved through regedit but i dont know how…let me know soon

  2. it’s not working fo me neither ! :( using firefox , when i copy the command in address bar , i just enter and nothing happens ! even i make bookmark manually but not working , plz help :)

  3. Its not working.. can you tell some more tricks..
    I have Google it out but didn’t find any. Can you give me a link where i can found some cool tricks which i can use..

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