blank empty status facebook

Trick to Post Blank Status / Comment on Facebook

blank empty status facebook
Bored and have nothing to share? well in that case share nothing. Last night a friend of mine posted a empty completely blank status update¬† on facebook and i tried to do the same. But i came to know that Facebook won’t allow me to do so. Then how the hell did he do it? Answer is simple, he used a simple trick which i’m going to teach you now.¬† I know lot of people share alt+0173, but for some reason it doesn’t work on my mac. So i’ll share a even better one with works for anyone and you can even use it post blank comments like i did in pic below.

facebook blank comment

> Just copy and paste @[0:0: ] and share it. Yep its that simple.

Also read a similar trick Facebook Cheat to Update Facebook Status in Blue Color. Have Fun!!

2 thoughts on “Trick to Post Blank Status / Comment on Facebook

  1. Bro, anyone that bored should shoot, hang, overdose, step in front of a moving train, do anything necessary to end their miserable life.

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