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Trick to Know Who’s Online While You’re Offline on Facebook

facebook offline online invisible Someone stalking you on facebook? don’t want your parents/teacher know you’re online all the time? there might be lot of reasons for you to go offline/invisible on facebook. But unlike other IM services facebook doesn’t let you chat or see who’s online while you’re being invisible. Using this simple trick you can overcome this facebbook limitation in seconds.

> Go to search bar of fb and type ‘online now’ and click on first link. Next click ‘allow’ that’s it you’ll get a list of all your available friends on facebook chat.

Have Fun!!

2 thoughts on “Trick to Know Who’s Online While You’re Offline on Facebook

  1. Thanks Swapnil for small but really useful trick!

    There are many reasons why I want to be under the radar and sometimes I even use my fake account but there are many disadvantages of it but your trick does wonders! :)

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