Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Top 10 Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Enthusiasm for Windows 8 is increasing day by day since its official release on 26 October 2012. Computer maniacs around the globe are upgrading their PCs’, laptops, notebooks etc. from Windows 7 to Windows 8 due to its low cost, enhanced features and all new ‘metro’ interface (takes your breath away!).

Since Windows 8 is optimized for touch screen devices people may find it tough to operate it on a desktop environment. But, that’s not the case! Windows 8 does not neglect desktop users as it boasts a number of useful keyboard shortcuts for launching almost everything!

So, lets take a look at the top 10 Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that you should know:-

1> Windows key + W-This key combination is used to enable search in Windows 8. This key combination works regardless of whether you’re surfing the web or watching a movie.

2> Windows key + Tab-This key combination resembles the one in Windows 7 and allows you to swiftly  switch from one application to another in Windows 8.

3> Ctrl+Shift+Esc-This key combination opens up the task manager in Windows 8. The task manager on Windows 8 is brand new and has more functionalities. The combination of Ctrl+Alt+Delete won’t work in Windows 8.

4> Windows key+ L-This key combination locks your computer instantly just like it did in Windows 7. Windows 8 boasts a variety of visually intriguing lockscreens, so this key combination might just become your favourite out of the lot.

5> Windows key+ X-Windows 8 doesn’t come with the conventional start menu, however you can access a different start menu using this key combination that shows only the key areas of your computer like task manager, control panel, search, run etc.

6> Windows key + H-This key combination allows you to share photos or multimedia files with your friends. After all, sharing is caring!

7> Windows key+ Q-This key combination launches the Windows 8 start screen in a special list mode where you can view all the installed applications instead of searching for each one of them.

8> Windows key+ . -This key combination allows you to quickly switch between running windows in a graphically mesmerizing manner. It is also known as the cascade effect .

9> Windows key+C -This key combination opens up the charms bar together with its search, settings, devices, sharing and start options popping out on your screen. You can even access the charms bar via the start screen, but that approach is considerably slower.

10> Press the Spacebar-Once you are on the Windows 8 start screen , press the spacebar. Windows 8 will launch some sort of toolbar at the bottom of the screen consisting of multiple options depending on the selected app like unpin from start, uninstall, smaller and turn live tile off.

Get your hand on the keyboard and start exploring Windows 8 like never before! :-)

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