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How to hide your Naughty Apps on Android

Owning an Android phone means tons and tons of applications! But, in this sea of applications some of them lose their utility, unknowingly increasing the app drawer size of your Android device. Some of those unwanted applications come preloaded on the device and hence cannot be deleted ( until your phone is rooted), while some applications,though unwanted, may be needed by you at some point.

Hence, deletion isn’t always a wise choice. What you can do is hide those unwanted apps and retrieve them whenever the need arises. Simple isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at how to hide those unwanted apps on your Android device:-

1> Hide It Pro-

Hide It pro allows you to hide applications along with pictures, videos,  messages and calls history on your device for no cost!

hide it proThe application you want to hide is cleverly disguised an “Audio manager” in the app drawer. The audio manager allows you to turn the volume up and down. But, when you long press the audio manager title , the actual Hide It Pro app is launched . Once you hide the app , it also disappears from the recent apps list.

You can even lock the hidden space with pin or password. This app is rated  4.8/5 on the Google Play Store.

2> GO launcher EX-

Android is all about customization and theme launchers make that possible for the users without much hassle.

go launcher exGO Launcher EX is popular amongst Android enthusiasts as it provides numerous features to change the look and feel of the Android OS as per the user’s taste and preference. But  most people are ignorant of the fact that there’s an option of hiding apps!

As you can see in the pic above, just open the app drawer and click on the “settings” icon. A list will pop up where you can select the option of “Hide app”. Once you select that, a list of the apps will open up, you just need to check mark the apps you want to hide.

Other launchers like Launcher Pro, Apex launcher etc. also have the feature of hiding apps, built in.


In case your phone is rooted, Link2SD is a great app that not only transfers your applications from phone to SD card but also gives you the privilege to hide unwanted or unused apps.

link2sdOnce you’ve installed Link2SD on your phone, open it , you’ll get a list of all the applications in your phone. Now tap and hold the app you want to hide. A menu will pop up where you’ll find the option of “freeze”, select that. After you’ve done with the process, you will find “frozen” written beside the app you wanted to hide.

You can also unhide the app by selecting “unfreeze” from the same pop up menu in Link2SD.

Hiding unwanted apps on your Android isn’t a tough task, all you need is a little smartness and those amazing apps mentioned above!

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