Get PC Version Of Facebook On Mobile

Are you sick of how facebook loads on your mobile, Android, iPad or any other gadget. Don’t worry we have a quick fix for you to get full experience of facebook like you have on ur computer.

Trick is simple and straight.

> Open http://www.facebook.com/?m2w in the address bar of your web browser or click here .If i were you, I’d bookmark it.

24 thoughts on “Get PC Version Of Facebook On Mobile

  1. This is only thing which you can find on boltbrowser.com

    Dear BOLT User,
    The free BOLT mobile browsing
    service has been discontinued.
    Unfortunately, the economic
    circumstances prevented us from
    running a free service going
    forward. We apologize for any
    inconvenience and thank you for
    your loyalty and support.
    The BOLT Team

  2. Hi
    Am using Nokia 3210,it does log in but I encounter a problem when trying to comment…*it just dont do anything*,but sometimes work when trying to write a private message…
    Plz help…

  3. It does work bt only for log in page , aftr login ur home page etc etc of fb opend same as it did open in mobile not as pc version !! Vy so ? And hav tried in opera too bt result were same !

  4. I use Nokia Asha 300 (touch n type) phone. From last few days facebook does not allow mobile users to post photos on their pages. So i used the pc site as u gave the link but still can’t post photos on my page? Reply asap please :(

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