7 Ways to Stop Getting Stupid Emails in Your Inbox

how to stop getting spamFrustrated with all those unwanted stupid spam emails you get everyday? Trust me I know you’re pain. I used to get somewhere around 20-30 mails a day, Vexed with all those mails last week i’ve decided to put an end to it. Now i just get 3-4 important mails every day. How? just follow these simple steps

> Just Spam it

This is the quickest way to protect yourself fr1om spam. Every email service has this features. Just select unwanted mail senders and hit the spam button.

> Unsubscribe link

Most of ‘good’ spammers include a unsubscribe link in their mails. They do it because some email services consider mail without this link as spam. These is usually seen at the bottom of the page in small hard to read letters. Find this link and click to unsubscribe from their list.

> Dispostable

Use disposable temporary email accounts while registering for sites. These websites send you a lot of emails and some even sell your email ids. Your dispostable email account stays forever and you even don’t have to worry about missing any important emails. So its basically your email account for personal use and dispostable email id for useless registrations.

> Keep it a secret

Do not post your email id publicly online there are lot of spam bots out there waiting for you.

> Unjoin Groups

Groups are like ice creams for spammers. So leave groups that can send you emails especially yahoo groups.

> Avoid Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are yet another playground for spammers and bots. Enter chat rooms if you like to be spam.

> You don’t win Online

This one of oldest ways to get email address. Keep in mind that your email isn’t lucky winner to win million dollars nor does you IP address gets selected to claim reward.

Hope this helps you fight spam! Have Fun!!

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