Exciting Windows 8 Features Unveiled

Microsoft has finally unveiled the features of its much hyped ‘Windows 8′ today @ Anaheim Convention Cente. First things first, microsoft said that any piece of program that runs on Win7 will run on Win8, hence there will be no compatibility issues. Microsoft aims to makes its mark in smartphones,tablet & PC market with this next installment. Now i will brief you with some of features win8 can deliver you:


>Customized Login System: Gone are the days when you login by typing your password, connect dots or using your finger. A New way to login to the computer which is based on picture touch at specific points you select. This means that you need to specify the points on a picture and then when you would like to resume to your PC, you need to press on those points in the very same way you have had assigned them. Although this is a new innovative way i doubt your friends/hackers can find out the pass just by looking your screen.

>Start Home Screen:

This how the start/home screen will look in Win8. Start Home Screen will have all the tiles, which are updated in real-time when you are connected to the Internet and when you move towards the right you get different panes with all the applications and programs which you use. The start screen is one place to display and place all the favorite applications using the drag & drop feature to move the tiles from one pane to another. You can Zoom Out on the screen and sort all the apps on your Home Screen.

The Control Panel is also meant for easy understanding and the Interface allows you to easily make changes for all the system based settings.
In addition you get a social application named ‘Socialite’ which gives access to the News Feed listing all the latest updates from your contacts and also get connected with them.

>Sharing & Search: The new OS would support not just multiple apps running in the background but also offer you with the FriendSend or share option to share any information quickly through your contacts. This also comes with Auto Compete & Spell Check feature which makes sure you send perfect mails to others.

In Win8 if you would search for something on your computer it would not just search on the local HDD but also the whole web through the Bing search.
There is a new Store which offers you all the apps organized in sections and rated by users. Even though the whole interface can confuse you but you can easily get familiar to everything within a few minutes. The apps are readily available which would be downloaded and installed onto your computer once they are purchased from the Store. The desktop apps and Metro style apps are all available at the same Store and this clearly hints that Microsoft would soon integrate their current useful software’s into this store.

My final verdict is that this might a good answer to android from microsoft if it’s release is not too late. That’s it folks! Have Fun!

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