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Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android

The domain of communication is getting wider day by day. People want to stay connected to their friends and family 24×7 while working or holidaying.In such a scenario, the high call rates act as a hindering force in enjoying unrestricted communication via phone calls. In any case, who would love to pay those astronomical mobile bills??

Here’s a breather for those of you owning an Android device. The Android Market(Play Store) hosts a variety of free calling apps that just require a 3G/2G internet connection or WiFi to make a call! Yes, that’s true, now you can enjoy unobstructed, unhindered, limitless calling to friends, family or anyone on this earth without scratching your head off!

NOTE:Make sure that the other person is also having that same app installed in their phone(Android or iOS)

Here we have listed the Top 5 of the lot that you can try out:-


Viber for Android

Viber allows free calling and messaging to anyone ,anywhere. Currently, Viber is being used by millions around the globe to call, text , send locations,photos for free!

The call quality of Viber is pretty good. It is extremely easy to use , it does not support ads plus it constantly runs in the background without draining the battery of your phone.Viber is available for Android as well as iPhone.

Currently 118,213 downloads of Viber have been made in the Android market(Play Store) and its rating is-4.2 out of 5.



Fring allows you to make voice calls, enjoy group video calls and text chat.

Fring not only allows you to make free voice calls, it also allows you to make high quality video calls with atmost 4 people at the same time. Along with that you can have unlimited text chat with your friends, without spending a buck from your pocket!

Currently 65,927 downloads of this app have been made in the Android market(Play Store) and its rating is-3.9 out of 5.



Tango specializes in  free voice, video calls along with free video messages.

It has various features viz. Video Message features, Tango surprise features.Apart from being free of cost it takes the best video calls around, being good enough to be featured on TV several times. Your Android is bound to get transformed with this app.

Currently 187,458 downloads of Tango have been made in the Android Market(Play Store) and its current rating is -4.1 out of 5.



Many of you might not have heard about LINE, but currently this app is making quite a buzz with its free calling, free messaging features.

With this app you can make free voice calls around the globe, create or join chat rooms with upto 100 people, send your photos along with the location info and relish the free messaging feature, without forgetting that its all free of cost!

Currently 130,813 downloads of this app have been made in the Android market(Play Store) and its rating is-4.3 out of 5.


Kakao:free calling and messaging

Kakao has emerged has one of the top competitors in the race for the best free calling and messaging app. It is currently the number 1 communication app in the Android Market(Play Store).

With kakao you can enjoy free calling, talk to your friends with a funny tone, group chat with a number of friends and much more. It is free, easy and fast, supporting a number of cool features bound to keep your boredom away for hours and keep you hooked to your friends for even longer!

Currently 867,551 downloads of Kakao have been made in the Android Market and its rating is-4.5 out of 5.

These creative yet remarkable apps have made the world a better place for communicating with the near and dear ones without burning a hole in the pocket!

So go ahead and download any of these apps to kick off that hefty mobile bill and kick start the communication marathon!

In case you find apps other than these and you feel that they deserve to be in this list, please do mention then in the comment section :-). Till then, talk it out!

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