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Top 5 Android apps to send free SMS in India

If you are a proud owner of an Android phone, then stop fretting about those rising SMS rates and equally expensive SMS packs. Many app developers have come out with brilliant apps that allow you to send free SMSs’ straight from your Android phone using the GPRS connection!

You can download these apps, free of cost  from the Google Play Store, but the problem arises in choosing the best from the lot. Hence, to make it easier for you we have listed the top 5 apps to send free SMS in India:-

1> Free SMS India- (4.5/5)

Free SMS India is by far the best free SMS application that is available on the Google Play Store.


This app supports 9 gateways including way2sms, 160by2 , fullOnSMS,Site2SMS etc. The interface is pretty easy to understand and use (see pic above). Another amazing feature of Free SMS India is that you can schedule the messages to be sent at a later date and time ( the “clock” icon is for scheduling messages).

2> F2S Free SMS India-(4.1/5)

With more than 100,000 installations already,F2S free SMS India is a buzzing app in the free SMS segment!

f2s free SMSIt boasts a refined, user-friendly interface. You can use gateways like way2SMS, FullonSMS, Site2SMS etc. Status bar notifications are available. Switching from one gateway to another is smooth and instantaneous.

3> Way2SMS-(4.1/5)

This is not the native Way2SMS app as the name suggests, but in turn supports Way2SMS, 160by2 and Youmint gateways.

way 2 SMSIt boasts faster login as compared to other apps. You can send multiple SMSs’ at a time. Smileys are available for use. One exclusive feature of this app is that you get the SMS status feedback. There is an SMS library and you can also create and manage groups.

4> Free SMS Sender-(4.3/5)

Free SMS sender is available for India as well as Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Free SMS senderWith this app you get 4 application themes and 2 different styles of listing. Pinch to zoom text sizing feature is available. There is an option of automatic signature to selected gates. It also supports text sharing and writing/opening SMS messages from other applications.

3 languages, English, Czech and Slovak are supported.

5> Way 2 Free SMS-(4.3/5)

Way 2 Free SMS has been developed by GreenApps and supports Way2SMS, 160by2 and Ultoo gateways.

way 2 free smsThe interface is smooth and easy to operate. Delivery of messages is lightning fast. You can easily create and manage groups and choose from a large variety of SMS collections.

Cost effective communication is what we all love. So, get one of these apps and pave your way towards a savings bonanza!

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