Apple Earpods

Reasons why Apple Earpods are worth a shot

Unimaginable, unthinkable and out of the box! Now that’s how you,me or anybody in the world would describe the brand new Apple EarPods!

It took Apple 3 years to design these unique in-ear headphones which will ship along with the new iPhone 5,iPod touch and iPod Nano. So let’s have a look at what makes these EarPods stand out of the crowd:-

1> Fit for the masses-

Man wearing earpod

In a research conducted by Apple,they three-dimensionally  scanned hundreds of ears and looked for commonality. This research eventually resulted in in-ear headphones(EarPods) that fit almost every ear out there!

2> Exceptional design-

EarPods resemble little periscopes and have roughly teardrop-shaped silhouette rather than the circular silhouette of the previous earbuds.

Apple Earpods (Table view)

Sound ports are built into the stem, as well as the sides. The vents on the side of each EarPod allow air inside the stem, which acts as an acoustic chamber and allows the air to flow out.

The Earpods fit well into the ears, are comfortable and don’t fall off due to sweat or gravity.

3> Sound Quality-

The vents on the side of each EarPod allow you to hear deeper,richer bass tones plus they help in optimizing the acoustics.

EarPods are  designed to push sound right into the ear, without creating a seal like most in-ear headphones do, thereby enhancing the overall listening experience.

4> New and improved microphone and inline remote-

Inline Remote

The microphone is improved compared to the one on the previous Apple earbuds. It sounds smoother and more natural without sacrificing clarity. Efforts have been made to cut back echoes of your voice you might hear while making phone calls.

The inline remote is slightly larger then the one on the previous headphones.The buttons are bigger, easier to press and have additional strain relief. The remote is located on the right hand earpiece cable.

So,what do you think of these brand new Apple EarPods???

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