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Best 5 Twitter Apps For Java Mobiles

twitter java app for mobile

Twitter has redefined social networking. In the last 5 years its popularity has reached new heights. Though there are tons of twitter applications available for iPhone, ANDROID and BLACKBERRY, only a few are there for Java based mobile phones. Also read Trick to Get PC Version Of Twitter on Mobile

Best 5 twitter apps available for java phones are:-

1>TWITSNAPS- This one is a total twitter app for Java phones. You can update status, reply mentions, retweet, check your retweets, share photos, videos etc. It is a free app and wont decrease your mobile balance!

2>uTWEETME- This twitter application has a simple user interface. The data usage by this app is very low (<5kb per tweet). It is a quick tweeting application which also has a feature of saving tweets as drafts.

3>TINY TWITTER- This is another popular twitter app which supports java enabled devices. It is lightweight and downloads quickly. It lacks certain features such as uploading images with tweets. But still Tiny Twitter is brilliant if you are looking for get-to-the-point twitter application.

4>TWIM-Twim is a mobile Twitter client that runs on devices that are compatible with Java MIDP 2.0 User can update his/her status. Photos and videos can be uploaded. It also supports auto-refreshing and it will alarm you if new tweets are available!

 5>JTWITTER- This Twitter app is a bit complicated. It usually works slow but will work good if your phone supports 3G.This app has all the features needed to make Twitter interesting.

With these amazing Twitter applications available for Java based phones, “tweeting” is just a click of a button away!

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