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Best 5 music streaming apps for mobiles

Fed up of downloading songs to your phone? In case you have a good 3G or WiFi connection at your disposal , you can actually save that precious space on your phone’s SD card by directly streaming music to your device.

Music streaming companies around the globe have developed apps that allow you to stream music directly to your device without any hassles, but the tough part is choosing the best from the rest.

Hence, we have sorted the best 5 music streaming apps that you can deploy on your mobiles and get cracking with your favourite songs, on the go, anywhere!

1> Spotify-

Currently,Spotify is considered as the top online music streaming service with its huge range of  15 million songs!

Spotify mobiles

Platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry,Windows Phone, Symbian.

Spotify offers unlimited , on-demand music streaming from a huge song library, that means you’re never short of music. It also includes personalized radio as well as social networking features. It integrates well with your personal music library and allows you to utilize other people’s playlists that you find on the web. It also offers the desktop client.

You have to shell out $9.99 per month per user for a subscription to Spotify premium. Alternatively, you can try it out before you pay with its Spotify free account.

2> Napster-

With more than 14 million songs in its kitty, Napster is one music streaming service that makes discovering and sharing songs an easy experience.

Napster for mobiles

Platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry

With Napster,you can search for your favourite songs from their huge catalogue and play as often as you like. You have the option of saving songs, artists and playlists to play them when there’s no internet connection. Discover new music on the radio stations.  The desktop client allows you to update playlists that instantly sync with your mobile.

Napster allows you to connect to Facebook to see what your friends are listening to and even follow other members.

UK users have to shell out euros 10/ month , whereas US users need to pay $10/month for Napster.

3> Rdio-

Founded by the founders of Skype , Rdio already has a huge fanfare to say the least!

Rdio on mobiles


Platforms: Android,iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry.

What makes Rdio tick is its huge library of 15 million+ songs, high quality streaming with the option of offline downloads.  It seamlessly syncs with your existing music collection. Facebook, Twitter and Last.Fm integration make Rdio even more desirable. You can also download the desktop client if the need be.

UK users need to pay euros 9.99/ month, whereas US users have to pay $9.99 / month to enjoy the service of Rdio.

4> MOG-

MOG is another brilliant music streaming service. First launched in 2005, it has finally made an entry into the list of top music streaming services.

MOG for mobiles


Platforms:  Android and iOS

With MOG you get music streams of extremely high quality (320 Kbps).  FreePlay service allows you to try out MOG free for 60 days before you buy it. But once you subscribe, you get access to unlimited music anytime, anywhere. Integration with social networking services means that you can share your stuff as and when you like.

US users need to pay $9.99/ month to enjoy seamless service of MOG.

5> Pandora-

Pandora never fails to produce songs that fit your mood perfectly.

Pandora on mobiles

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Pandora’s user interface boasts tabbed navigation for touch devices .You can enter the huge music library to create stations based on songs or artists, create playlists based on your listening history and  browse through numerous genre-based stations. You can rate tracks as you listen to them, this helps Pandora recognize the type of music you prefer.

A bevy of social features make Pandora a worthwhile experience.A desktop client is also available.

You can get Pandora free of cost (not ad-free and limited choice of music) or pay $36/year for unlimited, ad-free experience.

So, pump up the volume in style and stream your way to musical fantasy!

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  1. I have used Napster and I find it quite convenient because its got billboard top 20 list where in I can listen to all my favorite songs and artist at one place…. BTW has Spotify come in the Indian market want to give it the offline radio a try

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