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Best 5 Free Theme Launchers For Android

Bored off the standard theme on your Android device? Well, don’t be disappointed! Android offers some out of the box theme launchers which you can try out. These launchers can  customize your phone according to your taste.

Android market (Play Store) offers an array of launchers to choose from. Some are free but some do come with a price tag. Here are 5 of the best launchers to choose from:-

GO Launcher EX1. Go Launcher EX:  Beautiful widgets, thousand’s of themes, smooth flipping experience, fancy home screen transitions. Apart from the scope of installing 1000’s of different themes, the launcher itself can give your device a big makeover.  It also gives you option to install beautiful “Go Widgets” such as GO calendar, GO clock, GO contacts, GO locker, etc on your device.  The best part,its free!

Launcher PRO2. Launcher Pro: It works on almost all kind of devices.It boasts of 3D app drawer feature which makes it stand above all the other launcher apps. It includes super-smooth scrolling, animated screen previews, upto 7 home screens, app drawer in 2D as well as 3D.

ADW Launcher3
. ADW Launcher: This is one of the highly rated launcher apps in android market. It offers a  Screen editor, tons of themes, icon editor, customizable main dock,hidden dockbar, etc.The paid version gives you 5 different app drawer styles, 3D nexus one like app drawer, 2 different iPhone like app drawers etc.

MxHome Launcher4MxHome Launcher:  It’s specialized in 3D effects on its “Theme Page”. Out of the themes which are there, “Blue Watch” is the best.It’s equipped with a dynamic 3D G-sensor movement, various sound and graphic effects, 3D water bubble background effect, shortcut for 8 major apps, control tray, quick app manager, icon pack, etc.  

SPD shell 3D5. SPD Shell 3D:  This is the most expensive app in the launcher category and the best launcher undoubtedly. Rated very high by the users and tech magazines. Like other launchers it offers you shortcuts, app drawers, home screen enhancements,but a 3D rotating sequence of home screens makes it stand out of the crowd!
Download SPD shell .apk file(free)-CLICK HERE

So go ahead and transform your Android device into a piece of charm! Now grabbing eyeballs wouldn’t be a big deal!

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