Best 3 Websites to Download Direct Mp3 From Youtube

youtube mp3

Almost every song you want on your playlist is live on Youtube, but to get that MP3 you need to download the video and convert it into mp3 which is boring and time consuming process. That is why there are lot of websites that cut this whole download video convert mp3 crap and give you […]

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 World's Cheapest MP3 Players


There is an Music Lover in everyone no matter what genre he/she listens to. Some people spend a lot of $ for this love whereas some don’t. For these people here is a list of cheapest mp3 players in the world. > Mobile Speaker S-01 ($0.99): This little thing is not only a mp3 player […]

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 10 Cool Offbeat Gadgets You Havent Thought Of Buying


There might be lot gadgets in your wishlist right now, Here’s my list of 10 cool/wierd/unique offbeat gadgets/gizmos that you might not have considered in your wishlist 1>The Magic Wand Your swish really is its command, this beautifully crafted gizmo looks exactly like a magic wand of wizards. The difference is you use it to […]

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 Download YouTube Videos Quick and Easy


Youtube is the google of videos, there’s no video that can escape from youtube. Youtube which has been tagged as the most popular video hosting service on the whole web and we all know that. What many people don’t know is, how to download a youtube video. Lemme tell you there are hundreds of ways […]

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 Tricks to Download any Mp3 Song Quick and Easy


Whats the best file hosting service?? No, its not rapidshare or megaupload, its Mediafire And the best thing about mediafire is that its resumable unlike other file servers, also it has no wating time.. Now about the MP3 songs, to download them go to google or the adress bar(in case of chrome) and type as […]

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