Play Angry Birds On Facebook With Friends

angry birds facebook

If there is a game that needs no introduction, it’s Angry Birds. It is the most downloaded game with over 700 million downloads and now it can reach its 1 billion mark using facebook’s huge member base of 800 million. Angry birds developer Rovio is also planning to enter public stocks after this milestone. May […]

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 Know How Your Baby Would Look Like

know how baby looks like

I can’t tell you the gender of first child, but i can tell what he/she would look like Sounds crazy but OurBabyMaker says otherwise. This little web app runs algorithms on mommy and daddy pictures we supply and generates a rough picture of your baby. It’s funny app try to input your parent pictures and […]

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 Trick to Download Whole Wikipedia and Access Offline


Wikipedia is largest encyclopedia in world and 6th most visited site on web according to alexa. One needs Internet to access Wikipedia, but what if i told you it’s not necessary. Yep, one good thing about wikipedia is that it is designed to be very light and low page size. Kiwix took advantage of this […]

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 Trick to Recover Deleted Files Without Any Software

restore recover deleted files

Sometime we all do things, we don’t mean to. Likely you might have accidentally delete some important files and want them back. Unless you have deleted your files ages ago, you can restore your deleted files with a single click without using any 3rd party software. And i’m not talking about restoring files resting in […]

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