Five Cars That Are Making The World A Greener Place


This post comes from UK car leasing and contract hire company, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts. For many years now, car manufacturers have invested huge sums of money and vast quantities of research and development resources into producing increasingly greener vehicles. Although these projects are likely to remain works in progress for a while yet, the consumer […]

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 MerC Makes Bond’s Invisible Car For Real

Mercedes F-cell "invisible car"

” Dude! Where’s your car?”,these are the words everybody would be chanting around you, once you get your hands on MERC’s very own, unique “INVISIBLE CAR”. Though it may sound as if something’s landed from the alien land, but behold your breaths, its not a fantasy anymore…its reality!!!     Well, truly speaking, in a […]

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 Trick to See Password Behind the Dots

simple trick to know password behind dots

Note: This trick might not work in new browsers. Try New Working Trick to Read Password behind Dots If you’re a wanna be hacker, i bet you’ve tried to copy pasted those password dots in notepad. But it’s not that easy, however you can crack any password using this trick in a tick. You can […]

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 Best 5 Twitter Apps For Java Mobiles

twitter java app

Twitter has redefined social networking. In the last 5 years its popularity has reached new heights. Though there are tons of twitter applications available for iPhone, ANDROID and BLACKBERRY, only a few are there for Java based mobile phones. Also read Trick to Get PC Version Of Twitter on Mobile Best 5 twitter apps available […]

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 List of Cool New Facebook Smileys You Don’t Know

new facebook smileys

Bored of limited facebook chatbox smileys? Even i feel there are not enough smileys for facebook chat. But since facebook introduced the feature of inserting the profile picture in the chat box, Facebook users created a lot of accounts with smileys and letters as profile pictures. We can get lot smileys with their [[username]]. Also […]

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 10 Awesome New Features of Windows 8


Windows 8 has taken the world by storm! In the recently conducted MWC (mobile world congress) 2012 Microsoft released its much awaited WINDOWS 8 operating system. This new operating system by Microsoft is different in many ways from the already successful WINDOWS 7. It runs best on tablet devices because of its inclusion of touchscreen […]

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 Trick to Install Windows 8 Using Usb Flash Drive

how to install windows 8 using pen drive

Few days back Microsoft released its much hyped product Windows 8. You can install this for free and you can do this in two ways. You can either use a installer or you can download the ISO file. Unless you have a insanely high speed internet connection, your computer will literally choke during installation. So […]

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 Trick to Find Out Who Else Is Using Your WiFi Connection

wifi stealing

Not getting the download/browsing speed your service provider promised you? Don’t blame the poor guy. It’s probably because someone else is using your WiFi connection secretly. This is quite common and simple because the router/modem you use are not secured by default. Using this small tool you find out if someone else is using your […]

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