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Trick to Hide Files in your Mobile Phone

hide folder mobile¬† I don’t know about you but, i hate people checking all personal files on my mobile. I like to have complete privacy on my mobile. But most of the mobiles are not built to hide or lock your files on your phone. Reason? the file manager programs on your mobile are too dumb.¬†That is why you have to tweak your mobile to hide your personal or ‘you know what ;)’ files on your mobile. I’m going to teach you how to do this on iPhone, Android, Symbian and normal java based phones as they cover almost every phone you might use.

> Android :

Hiding files on your android mobile is lot easy than you think. If you don’t have a file manager on your android, search for it in android market and install any file manager. Create a new folder say ‘hidden’ and move all those files you want to hide. Now rename the folder with . in front of folder name, in out case it would be .hidden. Now all those apps like image viewer or media player apps can’t access that folder. To access them remove the . from folder name. If you don’t like all this fuss you can download a app called Hide It to do these for you.

> iPhone :

If you’re on a non jailbroken iPhone, all you need a app called iDiscrete. This app also has a app for jailbroken iPhones called iDiscrete JB

> Symbian :

On a symbian phone you can use a trick, which i call jadjar trick. For this trick you will create a folder whose name ends with .jad, lets say you’ve created a folder with name angrypig.jad. Now you’ll move all files you want to hide into that folder. Now create a new folder with same name but with extension .jar, which in our case will be angrypig.jar. Guess what the .jad folder disappears automatically. to get that back delete the angrypig.jar. This trick works on most of Symbian phones out there. If it doesn’t try this app called Y-Browser, which is a simple file browser where you can find ‘hide file’ option.

> Any Other Phone :

If your phone is not any above categories there is possibility that jadjar trick I mentioned in symbian section will work for you. If it doesn’t try this small app, File Hide

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8 thoughts on “Trick to Hide Files in your Mobile Phone

  1. The trick for symbian was very useful..thank you.but the picture i wanted to hide is coming up one the ‘photos’ app on my nokia 7230.any ideas to prevent it?

  2. I can hide files using .jar & .jad extension but videos are displaying in media player. I want to hide that. i cant change extension..
    If so, tell me how to change extension briefly..
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Swapnil, Hats off your tricks..That Symbian nd Java tricks working perfectly on my friends mob, but not in my mob. mine is LG-C310. Can you plz give me a solution to hide my files nd folders. I was trying for an year, insatlled some third party file hide apps too but not able to hide files.

    Thanks in Advance,

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