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Password Protect Your Usb Drive without any software

use password for usb You can’t call yourself a computer geek if you don’t know this trick. It’s always a good idea to carry your important files in a usb instead of carrying the whole laptop. But i don’t like everyone prying my files on usb. So i use a password for anyone who tries to access my ubs drive. It also helps to secure my data from wrong hands in case of theft.

There are lot of softwares out there(most of which are paid apps) to help you with this but if you’re using windows you don’t need any app. Here’s what you have to do to password protect your usb flash drive.

> Plugin your USB, click on Start & type BitLocker Drive Encryption and launch that app.

> Now look for your drive and click on Turn on Bitlocker. Windows will ask you for a password, give it one and click ‘next’ and save the password somewhere safe if you want.

Next time anyone tries to access you usb, he’d have to crack the password. Also read Increase Your PC RAM Using Usb Flash Drive

4 thoughts on “Password Protect Your Usb Drive without any software

  1. And is there a solution for Android? Will this fix work when I plug the usb memory stick into my Galaxy 10 Tablet? Thanks for the post…

  2. Thank you Mr. Geek! :)
    But, sadly, this trick works only on windows 7 ultimate that there’s no bitlocker option on other windows versions.
    Anyway, thanks for your effort posting this thread.

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