laptop safe stolen

Make your Laptop / Mobile Impossible to Steal for Free

laptop safe stolen Research shows that one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds and a mobile in every 12 seconds somewhere. Your dear gadget might be next in the list. Though buying costly insurance buys you a new one, it can’t save your potentially dangerous personal information and hard work from filthy thief. But using this free software called PREY, you can track your stolen laptop/mobile like James Bond.You guessed it right, I’m a fan of James Bond.

How it works? You install a lightweight but powerful Prey in your PC or mobile. It sits silently for your signal to wake up and do its job. You can send this signal via SMS or internet. After Prey receives its signal that’s when the game begins. It sends you location of that device by email,network activity and even lets you trigger select actions on your PC. It even captures pictures of the thief silently and sends them.

You can even track his active internet sessions, That’s not all, Prey will attempt to hook onto to the nearest open WiFi hotspot when no Internet connection is found. It even lets you delete your personal information and lock your computer with a message to unlock with password. If you can’t use it no one can.

As of now you can install PREY completely free on Windows,Mac,Linux,iPhone and Android. Current version is 0.5.4 released in December,2011.

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