How to Set a Picture Password in Windows 8

8f7cf1b3-3ab1-4b83-81bf-7ddf3b3d7e58_22 Lock screens on tablets and phones have always been such a pain, and for this microsoft introduced a kickass login screen in windows 8, where you can just click some points or draw patterns to login. People call it picture password, though might not be as secure as a password as anyone starring at your screen might get it. But it sure is less annoying, isn’t it?. So, here’s how you create a picture password in windows 8

> From your charms bar select ‘Change pc settings’ and then select ‘Users’ tab.
> Click on the button ‘create a picture password’ and confirm with your text password.
> Click ‘Choose Picture’ button to choose your own picture, and follow the onscreen instructions to draw three gestures and save it.

If you forget text passwords often then this might be a good alternative for you. Have Fun!!

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