How to post on multiple Facebook groups simultaneoulsy

Facebook, the leading social networking site in the world, is a major hotspot for the people to promote their interests. For this, they join a large number of groups. But the problem arises when the same thing needs to be posted on all these groups!

Though Facebook provides a solution to this problem with an app called “Post-Planner”, it would cost you $4.95 per month along with a 30 day free trial. But spending money for something like this isn’t wise, is it?

Hence, just to save your buck , we have provided a way by which you can post to multiple groups on Facebook, absolutely free!

“Multiple Post” is an app that allows you to post on multiple Facebook groups simultaneously, to utilize this app just follow these steps:-

1) First, open Multiple post app. To open Multiple Post app-Click Here.

2) Now, on the top right hand side click on “Login” and login with your Facebook username and password.

3) After you login, you’ll be reverted back to the app and will see something like this:-

Multiple Post

4) Its not compulsory to post a URL or any image, you can just type in the message that you want to post.

5) After writing the message,as you scroll down,  you’ll find that all the groups in your Facebook account are listed with a check box beside each one of them.

6) Just select the groups you want to post your message to or you can even select all the groups at once with the “select all” check box.

7) After selecting your groups, just scroll down. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a button named “post”, just click on that and voila!

You can cross check your message by visiting the groups, if  you want to.

This free and simple method will surely make your life easier!

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