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How to Listen to Music with Friends on Facebook

Facebook is embedded every aspect of our everyday life, be it work, rest, play, even love! It’s surely a great medium to catch up with friends and upload your favourite pictures but, who would have thought about listening to music with friends on Facebook?

Surely,  Facebook has evolved over the years to include some amazing features, one of them is listening to music and that too with your very own friends!

Before you can listen to music with friends on Facebook, you’ll need to allow the music apps you use to add your listening activity on your timeline.

If your friends also allow music apps to publish their listening activity on their timeline, you’ll see a next to their name in the chat sidebar when they’re listening to music. You also might see a story in ticker that says your friend is listening to a song.

To listen with a friend,

  • Hover over their name in the chat sidebar or the story in ticker
  • Click the Listen With (Friend’s Name) button that appears
  • If you haven’t already opened the same music service provider as your friend, click the Open button on the next window.

listening to music with your friends on facebook







Right now, you can only listen with friends on Spotify or Rdio. If you don’t have either of these music service providers, you can sign up after you click the “Listen With (Friend’s Name)” button.

So plug in and start playing your favourite tunes on Facebook.Don’t forget ,your friends are also included!


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