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How to hide unwanted apps on iPhone

People love their iPhone more than anything else in this world, but what still annoys and nags them is the presence of unwanted, built-in apps like compass, newsstand, weather, stocks etc. These apps cannot be deleted and clutter up the home screen. But still there’s a way by which you can hide them and that too without jailbreaking your iPhone!

So, here’s what you got to do to hide those unwanted/unused apps on your iPhone:-

1> Open the browser on your iPhone and visit www.cydiahacks.com.
Rag3Hack2> Now click on “Hide Apps without Jailbreak”.

3> Select the app you want to hide and tap it.
Raghack3 install

4> You’ll get a prompt box as shown in the pic above. Select “install” to hide the selected app.

5> Again you’ll get a prompt box saying, “Unable to download Application”. Just click on “Done”.

6> A half loaded icon will appear Remainder hide  .
7> Just tap and hold on this icon to enter the wiggle mode and delete it by tapping on the cross.

Note: You can get back the hidden apps by restarting your phone.

Now live a trash free life with your iPhone and hide those unwanted apps!

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