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How to get Dropbox space without paying

Cloud storage is slowly and steadily replacing hard disks, pen drives, CDs’ , DVDs’ etc as a potent medium for storing data.  What differentiates cloud storage from the conventional storage drives and disks is the fact that you can access it anywhere, anytime provided you have an internet connection plus there are no hassles of carrying your drives along with you everywhere you go!

Dropbox is fast catching up as a file hosting service that offers  cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. Though it offers 2GB of free space once you sign up, this space is certainly not enough considering the large size and number of files to store.

But getting that extra free space on Dropbox is not a hard nut to crack. So lets have a look at how you can get free Dropbox space without paying a penny!


Log onto and  login into your account. Now click on the ” Getting started” tab on the left side. You’ll get a page where you’ll need to complete 5 out of 7 tasks to get free 250MB of space.

Dropbox getting started

As you can see in the pic above, the tasks are fairly easy and would be done in a jiffy!


This is the best way to get good amount of space for your cloud storage. The process is easy, just send referral links to your friends,family members and in case they sign up, you’ll get an extra 500MB  of space !

So spread Dropbox amongst your friends,family and gain mammoth free space!


In case you’re on Facebook or Twitter( or both) , get set for some free space coming up your way( upto 768MB). Just link your Facebook or Twitter account with Dropbox,follow Dropbox on Twitter, tweet about Dropbox to your followers and you’ll be on the right path!

Follow Dropbox on Twitter and Facebook


All you need to do is,  connect /verify your .edu email account with your Dropbox account. Once your address is verified, your current Dropbox account storage will be doubled; for example, from 2GB of existing Dropbox space to 4GB after your .edu account is verified.

A .edu email account can be created via your college website, but incase there’s no support for it, here how to create one(.edu email accounts are primarily supported in USA, so in case you are not from USA follow these steps):-

1) Go to this link.
2) Fill up the form, now you require Social Security Number(SSN) and a phone number for your .edu account. You’ll need a fake SSN and phone number for this. To get a fake SSN and phone number click here. 
3)  Fill up the form and complete the registration.
4) After completing the registration, you’ll get an EDU email address with a student ID. Your email address will be something like ( . It will take around 20 minutes for your account to get activated.
5) Now you can use your .edu email account to get that extra space!

5>  Use a disposable email address-

A clever way to get that extra 500MB (or even more) is by creating a disposable email account ( you can create more than one). Once created, you can send referrals to that ID ( in a way you’re referring yourself) and get that 500MB of free space without expending energy in convincing your dear friends ;-).

Bumping up space on Dropbox never seemed so simple! For any queries, the comment section is open and waiting :-)

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