hibernation in windows 8

How to Enable Hibernate mode in Windows 8

hibernation in windows 8 No matter what people say windows 8 is the only desktop OS, i like besides Mac OS. I agree it has some cons, like to shut it down you need total of THREE clicks. But this tutorial not about all that crap, this is to teach you how have one of my favorite windows feature hibernate as a option in your shutdown menu. Okay here’s the deal:

1> Press win+w button and type ‘power’ select ‘power options’.

2> Now click on ‘choose what power buttons do’ in left sidebar and now click on ‘change settings that are currently unavailable’

3> Now scroll down and check the ‘hibernate’ option to enable hibernation mode for win 8.

That’s it now next time you try to shutdown your PC you can see a option to hibernate it. Have Fun!!

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