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Best 3 Websites to Download Direct Mp3 From Youtube

youtube mp3 Almost every song you want on your playlist is live on Youtube, but to get that MP3 you need to download the video and convert it into mp3 which is boring and time consuming process. That is why there are lot of websites that cut this whole download video convert mp3 crap and give you the direct Mp3 download link. They download the youtube video to their high speed servers and convert it to MP3 saving you time and bandwidth. Also read Download Youtube Videos Quick and Easy



This is the fastest and simple service I’ve seen so far. Just paste the youtube video url and it gives you the mp3 dowload link within 2-3 seconds.


This site gives you option to download either standard quality(128 KBPS) or High quality(320 or more KBPS) MP3 files. Not just this, It also gives you option to install its extensions on your browser using which you don’t have to visit this next time you want a Youtube video mp3.


You can directly search youtube videos from here, hence it save you the copy url and paste time.


What do you use to download Youtube MP3s?


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