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Top 10 Android Games to Kill Time

Bored at work or at home?? Don’t bother too much if you have an Android device with you. The Android Market (Play Store) hosts a number of thrilling games to help you pass/kill your time sweetly!

Here is a list of the top 10 Android games that you can download for free and kill time with a tap:-
angry birds1>ANGRY BIRDS-Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ fortresses! The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. You can also try out Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Rio for extended fun!


paper toss2>PAPER TOSS-Have you ever been bored at work, crumpled up a piece of paper and counted how many times you can make it in a small trash can? Have you ever brought in electric fans to make the shot even harder? Backflip Studios is happy to announce that they have brought this amazing and hilarious experience to Android.

burn the rope3>BURN THE ROPE-Burn the Rope is a challenging game where you try to burn as much rope as you can in each level. There’s a catch! The fire only burns upwards, leaving you to tilt and turn the puzzle to keep your flame alive!


unblock me4>UNBLOCK ME-Unblock Me™  is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Unblock Me™  comes with 4 difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. There are 4200 puzzles in total, worth hundred hours of playing to keep you challenged.

fruit ninja5>FRUIT NINJA-Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash. Swipe up across the screen to deliciously slash fruit like a true ninja warrior.

iRUNNER6>iRUNNER- iRUNNER is a fast paced running game, with great HD graphics and special game play. Mr.i, as the hair shows, is running as fast as possible to a mysterious destination.You need to keep good tempo to avoid all obstacles on the way. Try to collect as many batteries and gifts as possible while running.

gravity guy7>GRAVITY GUY-Being chased by Gravity troops, Gravity Guy can’t stop, he has to keep running and it’s your job to guide him through an impossible world of mazes, flipping gravity when needed. This fast paced and frustratingly addictive adventure features 30 challenging levels, and 3 different worlds, and guarantees you many long hours of fun!

nin jump8>NINJUMP-In this fast paced ninja climbing game, your goal is to rise as high as you can while avoiding killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars and exploding bombs. With a simple tap you can jump from one wall to the other, knocking obstacles from the air as you do.

air penguin9>AIR PENGIUN-Air Penguin is incredibly simple and highly addictive. All you need to know is how to tilt. You need to journey through the icy South Pole to help Air Penguin save his family from melting ice caps.



temple run10>TEMPLE RUN-Run for your life! The addictive mega-hit “Temple Run” is now out for Android! The game is simple, you just have to run, collect coins, jump over obstacles, ditches, slide through the caves and turn at the corners. You need to be fast otherwise those “evil demon monkeys” will catch hold of you!


So get your hands on your Android and start playing! Now you wouldn’t complain about getting bored, would you?

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