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Play Angry Birds On Facebook With Friends

angry birds facebook If there is a game that needs no introduction, it’s Angry Birds. It is the most downloaded game with over 700 million downloads and now it can reach its 1 billion mark using facebook’s huge member base of 800 million. Angry birds developer Rovio is also planning to enter public stocks after this milestone. May be that’s why Rovio this valentine, launched its highly addictive game on a highly addictive social network for Free.

As of now, you can play Roasted eggs, Surf and Turf and Mighty Hoax chapters on facebook. You can also invite your friends and how good you’re against them. Rovio says it has has also added some new features to facebook version like hit Pigs, throw a Fish, Double Power etc. So what are you waiting for? you can play Angry Birds from HERE

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