Driving Tricks To Double Your Mileage

double mileage save  Lot of people don’t bother about driving effectively to save gas, except when they’re low on gas. But I’ve noticed that by changing your driving style a little you can almost double your mileage and reach your destination without any hiccups. Also read Convert Your Car To Run On Water

> Be Gentle on Brakes: If you’re like me who hates brakes, avoid hard stops and go for a long gradual stop. Hard stops waste the kinetic energy it already generated from your gas into useless heat.

> Accelerate Fast:
Many think that accelerating slowly improves their fuel economy, but its the other way out. Your vehicle has poor fuel economy at lower gears. Hence reaching 50mph in 10sec is more efficient than 50mph in 20sec.

> Close Windows & Use A/C The effect of windows and a/c is more less the same, But the drag due to open windows increases with speed. If you’re keeping in below 50mph, open windows and turn off A/C. If you like to fly with your car, close the windows and use A/C.

> Care for Tires: Make sure your tire is inflated with good tire pressure. A low tire pressure drinks your fuel. Check it at least twice a week.

> Keep it Warm: A warm engine gives best fuel economy.So next time if you have lot of stops to make, hit the farthest one first

> Keep it Steady: Your vehicles delivers best fuel economy at a specific speed, for most of cars its around 50mph.

> Lose Weight: No its not you I’m talking about. Get rid of any useless weights/luggage in your car.

> Change Air Filter A old air filter draws more power.

> Keep Tuning: Service your vehicle regularly with manufacturer to keep it kicking.

> Don’t Idle Avoid idling your ride for long times.

Your Turn :D tell us what you do to save fuel.

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